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Question/Issue I am unable to send email to anyone outside of my domain. Why is that?  
Answer/Solution Authentication problems are common and show up in different forms. Another of these confusing situations is that the SMTP server is configured so that if users do not authenticate to the server, then they can only send emails within the SMTP server's domain but not to external domains. For example, if XYZ Corporation's SMTP server is, then users such as and can send emails to each other, but not to In order to get access to external recipients, senders must authenticate to the server. Use NetMailBot's -authlogin and -authpassword parameters to supply your authentication credentials to the SMTP server.

We suggest using -logfile and -debug to capture all of the details of the communication between NetMailBot and the server to a logfile, as different SMTP servers can "complain" about the need for authentication in different ways. For example, one customer's server reported:

"error 553 This domain isn't in my list of rcpthost"

...and this turned out to be another situation requiring authentication.

If using NetMailBot's authentication parameters seems not to work, you may have to talk to the administrator of your SMTP server to find out if there is some configuration problem that might ultimately be to blame. In some cases, your IP address or machine name needs to be added to a list of users able to send mail to domains outside of yours. As different SMTP servers can be configured differently, we cannot give specific advice. It might be useful, however, to let your administrator know that NetMailBot supports what is known as "PLAIN TEXT AUTHENTICATION". 
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