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Question/Issue NetMailBot successfully sends my email, but my SMTP server rejects it, saying that authentication is required. What does this mean? 
Answer/Solution Most likely you must authenticate with the SMTP server in order to send email, that is, supply a user name and password.

In this case, use NetMailBot's -authlogin and -authpassword parameters to supply your authentication credentials to the SMTP server. (Refer the the help file for usage and an example).

This problem can also appear as an error message from NetMailBot saying that "relaying is denied on this server".

Since different SMTP servers can report the need for authentication differently, we suggest using -logfile and -debug to capture all of the details of the communication between NetMailBot and the server to a logfile. There you can search for some sort of message from the SMTP server complaining about the need to authenticate.
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