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NetMailBot - Attachments 
NetMailBot General 
NetMailBot Installation 
NetMailBot Known Issues 
NetMailBot Mail Merge & Using a Database 
NetMailBot Performance 
Watch Item Settings/Configuration 
Website - General  
WebWatchBot Connectivity - Network - Firewalls 
WebWatchBot Email Settings/Configuration 
WebWatchBot Errors (Not Relating to Installation) 
WebWatchBot General 
WebWatchBot Installation 
WebWatchBot Known Issues 
WebWatchBot Known Issues - Resolved 
WebWatchBot Performance 
Most Common Questions
Category Question
WebWatchBot Installation  How do I change the user account the WebWatchBot service uses? 
WebWatchBot Email Settings/Configuration  Can WebWatchBot send a notification to a Cell Phone or a Pager? 
WebWatchBot General  Is the license per user, location, CPU, or per machine?  
WebWatchBot Errors (Not Relating to Installation)  Error message when running the WebWatchBot Updater 
Watch Item Settings/Configuration  When using the "HTTP/HTTPS" type of watch, does WebWatchBot download the page each and every time or does it use a cached version of the page?  
NetMailBot General  What are the limitations of the trial version of NetMailBot? 
Watch Item Settings/Configuration  What should the threshold for maximum response time be set to? 
WebWatchBot Known Issues  On Windows 2003, after clicking "Start/Continue 14 day trial", WebWatchBot Manager stops running 
NetMailBot General  Error: "550 relaying is prohibited" What does it mean? 
Website - General   Do you ship a boxed copy of the software after purchase? 
Website - General   What is the upgrade policy? 
Website - General   What type of Is support provided for the products? 
Website - General   What is the "No hassle license "trade-up" policy" 
Website - General   Do you offer a purchase guarantee? 
Website - General   How long does it take for the product to be delivered after purchase? 
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