MailListBot - Email Component for ASP and VB

Tired of Re-Inventing the Wheel? Searching For a Robust, Reliable, Email Component?

MailListBot is the Next Generation in Email Components designed for developers using Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) or Visual Basic (VB). Try it today to reduce your coding time and boost your mail application potential!

Immediate Results

  • Jump start your mail mechanics
  • Deliver applications faster
  • Improve performance
  • Create rich message formatting
  • Control your mailing list
  • Administer campaigns with ease

Download and Pricing


Download the F R E E   trial version with a few restrictions:
  1. Ten recipient limit (per email sent)
  2. Email address verification not available.
  3. Emails contain the text "TRIAL VERSION".
Purchase the fully licensed Pro version without these restrictions.

Purchase and Pricing

We're sorry, but MailListBot is
no longer being offered for sale

More Information


MailListBot is one of the most feature packed email components on the market today with features like:


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System Requirements

What you will need to use MailListBot.

Customer Tesitmonials

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View the online documentation for MailListBot. Includes all object properties and methods with helpful links to examples.

Object Architecture

Fact Sheet of the MailListBot Architecture.


View examples that will get you started using MailListBot immediately.

What's new in version 3.0

Enhancements and bug fixes in version 3.0