Performance Monitoring Software for Websites, Servers and Infrastructure
> Does the success of your business depend on your website being available, responsive, and error-free for your customer transactions?
> Is the ongoing availability and performance of your web-based application critical to your end-users?
> Do you need a way to monitor and measure the actual end-user experience of your website’s performance?
> Do you need to be alerted immediately to conditions of concern?
> Is the infrastructure supporting your website and intranet applications complex, crossing a wide range of servers, networks, and operating systems?



Website Monitoring
Monitor web pages at a frequency that you set for accuracy and responsiveness to ensure your website is up and error free.
Server Monitoring
Monitor server resources, including CPU, memory, processes, services and more at a low level to ensure availability at the lowest level.
Network Monitoring
Monitor network resources to ensure the delivery of data for web applications, files, and critical systems is always reliable.
Email alerts to email clients and mobile phones for near-instant notification of problems when the arise to resolve problems so you are aware of problems before anyone else.
Standard and custom reporting for deep analysis of historical data collected for trend analysis and proactive problem resolution.
System Requirements
In a nutshell: Windows 2003/2008/2012 with SQL Server 2005/2008/2012. Our downloads include everything.
Case Studies and White Papers
Learn best practices and how others have used our product.
Customer List
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