Get POP3 User Account Statistics

This example demonstrates how to get statistics for a POP3 user account. The two statistics provided are:
  1. Message Count
  2. Total Message size in bytes
  • Requirements
    • None.

  • Example Download
    A working example can be downloaded, so that you can follow along with the example:
     Click Here ( < 1 KB)
    The downloadable example is a zip file that contains one file:
    • statistics.bat - The batch file that will instruct NetMailBot to perform the desired actions.

    Instructions for Download and Installation

    • Download the example zip file and save it to your hard drive
    • Create a directory on your C drive named "tmp"
    • Unzip all of the files in the example zip file into the newly created directory c:\tmp.

  • Key parameter(s) used

  • Steps
    1. Open Notepad and edit the batch file statistics.bat. Change the values of the parameters:
    2. NOTE: The parameter -receive is required whenever using the POP3 parameters.
    3. Execute the batch file by double-clicking it in "My Computer".
    4. The statistics for the specified user account will be displayed.

      -------***[ NetMailBot 4.0 Build 0 Started: 10/02/2003 21:19:01 ]***----
      The log file, \log_pop.txt, has been created
      Connecting to
      Getting Statistics...
      Total Messages: 3
      Total Bytes:    46670
      Total operation time: 297 ms
      -------***[ NetMailBot Ended: 10/02/2003 21:19:02]***-------