Smtp.NET 3
Email for ASP.NET and Windows Forms Done Right
Smtp.NET is 100% Managed Code written in C# with no reliance on the System.Web.Mail namespace, which is merely a "wrapper" around the older and unmanaged CDONTS. Try our free download and see how Smtp.NET can help jumpstart your project.

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.NET Email Toolkit

 Create rich message formatting
  • HTML formatting
  • Plain Text formatting
  • HTML and Plain Text mixed formatting
  • Automatic image embedding
  • Message Personalization
 Strong Attachment Handling
  • Attach one or more files
  • Attach huge files: 10+ MB!
  • Automatic ZIP compression
 Easy Database Integration
  • Import from any ODBC data source
  • Import from text or csv files
  • Mail Merge
  • Send to IIS Smtp Server Pickup Directory for queuing
  • Easily integrates with emailQ.NET
 Detailed Configuration and Diagnostics
  • Authentication
  • Log mail server communication, exceptions, sending details
  • Connection retry