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ReturnCodes Enumeration

Return codes from the object

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum ReturnCodes
public enum ReturnCodes


Member NameDescription
SUCCESS General success
FAILURE_GENERAL General failure
FAILURE_SOCKET_ERROR An unrecoverable socket error occurred.
FAILURE_INITIALIZE_LOG_FILE Failed to initialize the log file, cannot continue.
FAILURE_NEEDS_TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS The "to" email address is missing.
FAILURE_NEEDS_FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS The "from" email address is missing.
FAILURE_LOAD_BODY_URL Cannot load the url specified
FAILURE_LOAD_BODY_FROM_FILE Cannot load message body from file.
FAILURE_SMTP_INITIALIZE Could not initialize the SMTP server connection
FAILURE_CONNECT Failed to connect to the specified server(s)
FAILURE_AUTHENTICATE Failed to authenticate
FAILURE_DISCONNECT Failed to disconnected from the SMTP server.
FAILURE_PREPARE Failed to prepare (address) the message.
FAILURE_SEND_MESSAGE Failed to send the message
FAILURE_TIMEOUT Operation timed out.
FAILURE_ALTERNATE_BODY There was a problem with the alternate body message.
FAILURE_CREATE_TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY Failed to create a temporary directory under the TempDirectory.
FAILURE_NEEDS_SERVER_ADDRESS Failed to connect to mail server because specified ServerAddress is blank.
FAILURE_LOGIN Failed to log in to the mail server.
FAILURE_NOT_CONNECTED General failure because not logged connceted.
FAILURE_REGISTRY_ACCESS Cannot read/write/create keys or values in the System Registry.
FAILURE_ADD_ATTACHMENT Cannot add the specified attachment.


Namespace: SmtpDotNet Namespace

Assembly: SmtpDotNet.dll

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