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Category NetMailBot - Attachments 
Question/Issue Is NetMailBot limited in how large an email it can send? 
Answer/Solution I am trying to send very large attachments (on the order of megabytes or even tens of megabytes) and my attempts are failing. What is the problem? Is NetMailBot limited in how large an email it can send?

NetMailBot is only limited by the restrictions imposed by your mail server. For example, many mail servers have a 10MB limit to the size of an email. What is most likely happening is that the connection between NetMailBot and your mail server is timing out before the entire mail can be sent.

NetMailBot provides the -generaltimeout parameter to get around this problem. You specify (in milliseconds) how long the connection should be kept alive. A setting of 60,000 ms gives one minute. You might have to experiment to find a good number; one customer was sending attachments on the order of 20-30MB and was still having timeout problems with a setting of -generaltimeout 1200000 (which amounts to 20 minutes), but of course it all depends on what bandwidth you can expect from your internet connection.

As an interesting note, we did have a customer who was indicating that NetMailBot was splitting their large attachment (on the order of 28 MB) into 8 pieces and was sending these consecutively to the same "To:" address. We noticed that they were using the -failsafe parameter. As NetMailBot does not split attachments, we investigated and concluded that what was actually happening was that the SMTP server connection was timing out repeatedly, giving the illusion that the attachment was being sent over 8 emails! 
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Category NetMailBot Mail Merge & Using a Database 
Question/Issue I'm using Microsoft Access for my database, and I'm getting an error: "data type mismatch in criteria expression". What is the problem? 
Answer/Solution This might have something to do with your database query. Access query values should be encapsulated in pound signs, for example:

-dbquery "Select email FROM customers WHERE purchase_date = #10/7/2002#"

Pound signs are the only thing that should encapsulate a query for Access.
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Category NetMailBot Installation 
Question/Issue Does the NetMailBot installer support "silent installation"? 
Answer/Solution The installation package for NetMailBot does not support a silent install. However, there are only 5 files needed for NetMailBot to work: one executable (.exe) and four supporting DLLs (.dll) - none of which need to be registered.

You could easily copy all 5 files to the chosen installation path and it would work without any problems. 
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Category NetMailBot Installation 
Question/Issue What are the details of the NetMailBot installation? 
Answer/Solution There are a number of files that are included in the installation of NetMailBot. We use "Wise Installer", a widely used and recognized installation utility, to install all of our files.

Primarily, there is the main executable:


The executable for running NetMailBot as a service:


Supporting DLLs, created by us:

BotDll.dll - Utility functionality.
DBDll.dll - Database functionality.
EncodeDll.dll – Encoding functionality
MailDll.dll - Mail protocol functionality.
MailListBotDll.dll - Wraps MailDll.dll functionality into higher level functions.

Microsoft Windows DLLs:

Msvcp60.dll – Version 6.x

System DLLs that are located in the \Windows\System32 directory:

MFC42.DLL - Version 6.x.
MSVCRT.DLL - Version 6.x.

Additionally, numerous help files and examples.
In addition the installer will place the NetMailBot directory in your system PATH.
NetMailBot does not require access to the registry for normal operation, but does require access during installation so that the product will appear in the “Add/Remove Program” control panel applet.
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue Which credit cards do you accept? 
Answer/Solution We accept:

Master Card
American Express 
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue How are the products delivered? 
Answer/Solution All products are delivered electronically, meaning that you can download them after purchase at any time from our web site's customer center.

An email with a link to the customer center is sent to the email address provided you provided during purchase. Therefore, it is critical that a valid email address is provided.

The customer center allows you to download the newest version of the software, view your support issues, and obtain information on upgrading your software and/or updating your annual support agreement.

We can provide the product on CD for an additional charge. Please contact us for details.
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue Do you accept company POs (Purchase Orders) 
Answer/Solution Yes, we will accept a signed company PO. Please fax your PO to our fax number listed on the Contact Us page. 
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue How long does it take for the product to be delivered after purchase? 
Answer/Solution If your purchase is made with a major credit card from a USA issuing bank, you will receive an email with a link to the customer center within 5 minutes of purchase. If you purchase with a credit card from a non-USA issuing bank, please allow more time for us to process your purchase.

The email with instructions for logging into the customer center is sent to the email address provided provided during the purchase. Therefore, it is critical that a valid email address is provided.

The customer center allows you to download the newest version of the software, view your support issues, and obtain information on upgrading your software and/or updating your annual support agreement.
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue Do you offer a purchase guarantee? 
Answer/Solution We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products.

Please note that Annual Support Agreements, Subscriptions and Incidental Support charges are non-refundable. 
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue What is the "No hassle license "trade-up" policy" 
Answer/Solution We welcome and encourage our customers to upgrade their licenses - that is, to buy additional licenses or buy a higher level license, e.g. WebWatchBot Standard to WebWatchBot Enterprise.

The policy is simple. You will receive full credit for a "trade-up" for 60 days from the original purchase. You pay the difference between what has already been paid, and what you would like to purchase.

1. WebWatchBot Standard ($199.95) to WebWatchBot Enterprise (699.95). Trade-up cost: $500.00

2. 1 NetMailBot license ($129.95) to 2 NetMailBot license ($199.95). Trade-up cost: $70.00

3. Smtp.NET 1 Server License ($99.95) to Smtp.NET 1 Developer Redistribution Subscription ($299.95). Trade-up cost: $200.00

To receive a trade-up, please contact our sales department via our contact us page.
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue What type of Is support provided for the products? 
Answer/Solution We offer support for all of our products as an ASA - Annual Support Agreement (WebWatchBot, NetMailBot & MailListBot) or as a subscription (Smtp.NET & emailQ.NET) which lasts one year from the time of the product purchase and is priced based on the product license purchased.

An ASA or subscription can only be purchased within 60 days of the product license purchased.

60 days of initial free support is provided if an ASA or subscription is not purchased.

An ASA or subscription is renewable at any time. An email reminder will be sent to the email address provided at the time of the purchase of the product license.

Customers without an ASA, subscription, or the free initial 60-day support can purchase per incident support for $50. Please contact our sales department (refer to the contact us page) for details. 
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue What is the upgrade policy? 
Answer/Solution For this article an "upgrade" is considered a change of product version, e.g. 3.0 to 4.0, 1.1 to 1.2, or 2.1.1 to 2.1.2.

Customers WITH an ASA (Annual Support Agreement) or Subscription
Free upgrades for major and minor releases as long as the ASA or Subscription is current (not expired). Log into the Customer Center to download the upgrade.

Customers WITHOUT an ASA (Annual Support Agreement) or Subscription
For minor version upgrades, e.g. 2.1.1 to 2.1.2: Free upgrade. Log into the Customer Center to download the upgrade.

For major version upgrades, e.g. 3.0 to 4.0 or 2.1 to 2.2: Upgrade discount of 40% off list price of product, ASA or Subscription within 60 days of the version change. If the original purchase is within 60 days of the major version upgrade, the upgrade is free. For example, the purchase date is January 1, 2005 and the major version upgrade is on February 28, 2005, the upgrade is free. If the major version upgrade is on March 5, 2005, the upgrade discount applies. 
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue Do you ship a boxed copy of the software after purchase? 
Answer/Solution Our products are delivered electronically via Internet download; however, we can send a CD with the software without a physical box for an additional charge. All manuals are available through a help file included with all software. 
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Category NetMailBot General 
Question/Issue Error: "550 relaying is prohibited" What does it mean? 
Answer/Solution Most likely you must authenticate with the SMTP server in order to send email, that is, supply a user name and password.

In this case, use NetMailBot's -authlogin and -authpassword parameters to supply your authentication credentials to the SMTP server. (Refer the the help file for usage and an example).

This problem can also appear as an error message from NetMailBot saying that "relaying is denied on this server".

Since different SMTP servers can report the need for authentication differently, we suggest using -logfile and -debug to capture all of the details of the communication between NetMailBot and the server to a logfile. There you can search for some sort of message from the SMTP server complaining about the need to authenticate.
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Category Website - General  
Question/Issue How can I get the installation files again in the future if they are lost? 
Answer/Solution After the purchase is made, you will have access to our Customer Center where you may download the installation files at any time.
This is the place to go if you have lost the installation files or if you need the latest version of the software you have purchased. 
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Category NetMailBot General 
Question/Issue Why does email sent from NetMailBot has a blank "From" field? 
Answer/Solution Some email clients will display no sender or a blank "From" field if a "friendly" name is not given with the from email address.

Add the parameter -fromfriendly (Refer to: )

If -fromfriendly is blank or not specified, then most mail servers excluding Exchange Server 2003 will automatically substitute the email address.  
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Category NetMailBot General 
Question/Issue Cannot send email - Error 10053 Cannot connect to mail server 
Answer/Solution If you are using McAfee Virus Scan, it is blocking NetMailBot from sending email.

Please see this KB article on how to resolve this issue: 
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Category Watch Item Settings/Configuration 
Question/Issue On the rare occasion, the output for a Watch Item is different comparing a "Test" and a "Run". Why? 
Answer/Solution If you are running WebWatchBot as a service, you may notice that the output for a Watch Item may be different in the Output window pane compared to the output when a "Test" is run.

This is because WebWatchBot running as a windows service is running under a different Windows user account and may not have all of the settings or access that the logged in user does when running a test.

To describe it in a different way, there are two user accounts involved for each scenario:

"Test" a Watch Item - currently logged in user is executing the test.
"Run" a Watch Item - the user account for the WebWatchBot service is executing the run. By default the user account is "System".

To fully resolve this issue, change the user account for the WebWatchBot service to a user account that has the same or similar settings and access as the user account configuring WebWatchBot.

To change the user account of the WebWatchBot Service:
1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Administrative Tools
4. Services
5. Find "WWBServer"
6. Right-click on WWBServer and select "Properties"
7. Click the "Log on" tab.
8. Select the "This account tab"
9. Enter the user account and password.
10. Click OK
11. Restart the service. 
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Category WebWatchBot Known Issues 
Question/Issue On Windows 2003, after clicking "Start/Continue 14 day trial", WebWatchBot Manager stops running 
Answer/Solution SYMPTOMS
After clicking "Start/Continue 14 day trial", WebWatchBot Manager stops running. WebWatchBot icon in the Windows system tray is visible, but unresponsive when clicked and disappears when moused over.

The target platform is: Windows Server 2003 SP1

There is a setting change that needs to be made in Windows to properly run WebWatchBot. Please refer to this KB article:  
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Category WebWatchBot General 
Question/Issue WebWatchBot Help will not open via the menu or by pressing F1 
Answer/Solution Certain Web sites and HTML Help features may not work after you install security update 896358 or security update 890175.

Refer to: for potential resolutions.
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