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Question/Issue NetMailBot stops if a bad email address is encountered and triggers and error with my SMTP server. How can I get around this? 
Answer/Solution In the case where one is sending to more than one email address and -recipientlimit is set to 1, NetMailBot will stop if it encounters a bad email address. In all other cases, NetMailBot will continue on with processing. This is by design, due to the fact that there are cases with our customers who use NMB for automation or scheduled sends, where one does not want processing to continue when a bad email address is encountered.

The recommended approach is to clean out the mail list by database queries outside of NetMailBot, or by performing a test run, using -test, to capture the bad email addresses in the bad email log file, and remove them before the live mailing. "Clean and Purge", so-to-speak.
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