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Question/Issue How do I use wildcards with attachments? 
Answer/Solution I'm using a wildcard (*) in my -attachment parameter path because I want to attach any files of a particular type, but it isn't working. How do I use wildcards with attachments?

This is a common confusion. Customers often attempt something like:

-attachment "D:\Reports\CurrentWeek\Rep*.txt"

However, NetMailBot accomplishes the desired effect with the -filemask parameter; the -attachment parameter can be used to specify individual explicitly named files, or the -attachmentdir parameter can be used to specify a directory in which to look (any files appearing there will be attached). -filemask allows you to filter out any files not meeting the specified criterion. So, the above example would be changed to:

-attachmentdir "D:\Reports\CurrentWeek\" -filemask "Rep*.txt"

See the individual parameters' documentation for more details.
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