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Question/Issue Is NetMailBot limited in how large an email it can send? 
Answer/Solution I am trying to send very large attachments (on the order of megabytes or even tens of megabytes) and my attempts are failing. What is the problem? Is NetMailBot limited in how large an email it can send?

NetMailBot is only limited by the restrictions imposed by your mail server. For example, many mail servers have a 10MB limit to the size of an email. What is most likely happening is that the connection between NetMailBot and your mail server is timing out before the entire mail can be sent.

NetMailBot provides the -generaltimeout parameter to get around this problem. You specify (in milliseconds) how long the connection should be kept alive. A setting of 60,000 ms gives one minute. You might have to experiment to find a good number; one customer was sending attachments on the order of 20-30MB and was still having timeout problems with a setting of -generaltimeout 1200000 (which amounts to 20 minutes), but of course it all depends on what bandwidth you can expect from your internet connection.

As an interesting note, we did have a customer who was indicating that NetMailBot was splitting their large attachment (on the order of 28 MB) into 8 pieces and was sending these consecutively to the same "To:" address. We noticed that they were using the -failsafe parameter. As NetMailBot does not split attachments, we investigated and concluded that what was actually happening was that the SMTP server connection was timing out repeatedly, giving the illusion that the attachment was being sent over 8 emails! 
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