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Question/Issue On the rare occasion, the output for a Watch Item is different comparing a "Test" and a "Run". Why? 
Answer/Solution If you are running WebWatchBot as a service, you may notice that the output for a Watch Item may be different in the Output window pane compared to the output when a "Test" is run.

This is because WebWatchBot running as a windows service is running under a different Windows user account and may not have all of the settings or access that the logged in user does when running a test.

To describe it in a different way, there are two user accounts involved for each scenario:

"Test" a Watch Item - currently logged in user is executing the test.
"Run" a Watch Item - the user account for the WebWatchBot service is executing the run. By default the user account is "System".

To fully resolve this issue, change the user account for the WebWatchBot service to a user account that has the same or similar settings and access as the user account configuring WebWatchBot.

To change the user account of the WebWatchBot Service:
1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Administrative Tools
4. Services
5. Find "WWBServer"
6. Right-click on WWBServer and select "Properties"
7. Click the "Log on" tab.
8. Select the "This account tab"
9. Enter the user account and password.
10. Click OK
11. Restart the service. 
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