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Question/Issue WebWatchBot is running slow/sluggish 
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WebWatchBot is running slow/sluggish

Charts load slowly, selecting different Watch Items take a long time.

WebWatchBot performance is greatly reliant on physical memory available.
Increasing the amount of physical RAM on the machine running WebWatchBot will increase performance.

-=WebWatchBot Manager=-
The real-time chart requires a good amount of system resources to display and update data. Switching to the Log view will save resources.

-=SQL Server=-
Using SQL Server as the back-end database to store WebWatchBot's data (an option during install) is the best option for long-term performance.

-=Database Maintenance=-
Performing database maintenance on a regularly scheduled basis is also beneficial to performance. We recommend scheduling database maintenance at least once a week or more .

Another area to check is file permissions. If your Windows user account (what you signed into Windows with) or the "SYSTEM" account does not have "Full Control" permission to the data directory (Get there from the menu: Help -> ExclamationSoft Support -> View Data Folder), then WebWatchBot will start-up and perform slowly.
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