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Question/Issue Error 1722 Occurs When You Try to Install WebWatchBot 
Answer/Solution SYMPTOMS:
During installation, an error 1722 occurs.

There are several causes for this error. Three of the most common are:
1. The logged in user installing the application does not have the correct directory permissions.
2. During an upgrade from a previous version, an error has occurred in the database upgrade procedure.
3. Low Disk Space - check the system requirements of WebWatchBot to ensure that you have the minimum required disk space.

1. Check the WebWatchBot System Requirements to ensure permissions are set correctly.
2. Check the log file wwbupgrade_log.txt in the directory "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ExclamationSoft\WebWatchBot\Data". If there was an error noted in this log file, contact support and notify them of the error. 
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