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Question/Issue The Log Pane shows an error message for all of my Watch Items, why? 
Answer/Solution SYMPTOMS
The Log Pane shows an error message for all of my Watch Items or the log files are never created even though the log type is not set to "none".
An error message is displayed in the log pane:
"The log file {logfilename} does not exist or cannot be opened."

If you switch WebWatchBot from Windows Application mode to Windows Service mode, you may experience this error. This is because your logged in user account and the service's user account are different and may have different permissions for the data directory.

To resolve follow these steps:
1. Stop the WebWatchBot service: Tools -> Stop Service
2. Select the menu: Help -> Exclamationsoft Support -> View Data Folder
3. Close WebWatchBot Manager
4. Delete all of the sub-directories that are named with numbers only, or change the permissions of all files and sub-folders so that "Everyone" group has full access.
5. Start WebWatchBot. 
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