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Question/Issue What kinds of things can affect the performance of NetMailBot? 
Answer/Solution NetMailBot is able to process thousands of email addresses per hour, and is successfully used in email campaigns consisting of tens of thousands of emails. We have found through our interactions with customers, however, that for reasons not completely known, performance is best when NetMailBot, your SMTP server, and your DBMS all run on the same machine. In fact, using a remote SMTP server can have a many-fold negative impact on performance, although it tends not to be problematic unless you are at the level of sending tens of thousands of emails. Thus, we recommend using a SMTP server local to the machine when you can. Of course, overall, performance can vary according to many factors, such as the available bandwidth of your connection to the internet, your machine speed, etc.

Here are some data on a trial run we conducted in-house at ExclamationSoft:
* 35,000 email messages, sent 1 at a time
* Personalization of the messages was done on email address, first name, last name
* Message size was less than 1KB
* Email server was local Microsoft IIS Virtual SMTP Server
* Database was Microsoft SQL Server 2000
* Machine Specs: AMD Athlon 1800+, 512 MB memory
* Total time to send: 1 hour 57 minutes, or roughly 17,500 emails per hour

One of our customers who uses NetMailBot for mass email campaigns tends to send on the order of 70,000 emails in one mailing (this was as of February 2003, and their membership list was steadily growing!). Although we do not know their machine specs, the customer, using a local SMTP server (i.e. on the same machine as NetMailBot) has realized sending rates of 20,000 emails per hour (the customer's network connection to the internet was a 10MB connection). Thus, even on a single machine, NetMailBot can achieve tremendous email sending performance.

Another of our internal runs (with an SMTP server local to the machine on which NetMailBot ran) achieved a send rate of 200,000 mails in 6 hours, or roughly 33,000 mails per hour.

NetMailBot is a single-threaded email application - it sends out one email at-a-time. An alternative approach to sending very large batches of email is to run multiple instances of NetMailBot in parallel, on different machines or even on the same machine.
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