Email Message Queuing for your .NET Application

EmailQ.Net is a companion product for Smtp.NET and runs as a Windows Service.

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EmailQ.Net dramatically increases performance by queuing your messages on your hard drive for immediate or scheduled delivery. Control the mail sending load of your Windows or ASP.NET applications and get enterprise level performance*.


Download a fully functioning version of EmailQ.Net. Please note, the trial version limits the maximum number of threads you can specify to 5 and will automatically stop after 60 minutes, requiring a restart. All other functionality is available.

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Single Server License US$149.95

*Performance tests were performed on a Dual Pentium III 500 Mhz with 384MB memory on Windows.NET Server RC1.
EmailQ.Net was running in Windows Service Mode with 20 concurrent threads. CPU utilization averaged less than 10% and averaged sending 125,000 emails per hour.