NetMailBot Features

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Personalization and Mail Merge

Learn about this new powerful feature and how it will make your emails shine.


Automate sending of email with the "Watch Directory" features.

ZIP Compress Attachments

ZIP Compress all of your attachments into one file.

Receive POP3 Email

Download, forward, and auto-reply email on a POP3 email server.

Import From a Database

Import data from your database (Excel, Access, SQL Server, etc.) with ease.

HTML Email

Send out HTML formatted emails with images embedded right in the email.

Additional Features:

  • Display alternate text to display in email programs that do not support/display HTML messages
  • Authentication - Some mail servers require authentication before sending email.
  • Send an email to one or tens of thousands of people.
  • CC or BCC an unlimited number of recipeints.
  • Use a file on your hard drive or an existing web page as the body of the email.
  • Address a message with a "friendly" name. Instead of, you can address the message as "John Doe" in both the to and from fields.
  • Unlimited attachments.
  • Verbose logging with optional debug mode - view SMTP server messages.
  • Email address "sanitization" - seperate good email addresses from bad ones.
  • Set message priority
  • Set SMTP server port.
  • Perform test runs
  • Ability to request return receipt notification that email has been delivered.
  • Return codes for checking success or failure from environment variable %errorlevel%
  • Run as a Windows Service - click here for examples