HTML Email

Easy, Effective, and better than plain old text

  • Sending an HTML email is easier than ever. NetMailBot has the ability to send an html page by supplying a URL with the -bodyfile parameter. For example: -bodyfile ""
  • When sending an HTML email you can now use the -preview parameter to preview the HTML. This is useful for testing the HTML email you wish to send for any errors. When using this parameter, the email is not sent.
  • Before sending an HTML email you can also use the -previewfilename parameter to specify where you would like to temporarily store the HTML page. The default filename is c:\NetMailBot.html.

HTML Emails give you greater artistic control

Why send plain text when you can send HTML formatted text? Not only can you use HTML tags, e.g. <H1>, <font> etc., but you can also embed:
  • images
  • sounds
  • JavaScript
  • Macromedia Shockwave presentations
  • and anything else that can be viewed in a browser!


  • Example One: HTML Email Viewed in Outlook Express: (Click on image for enlarged view)
  • Example Two: HTML Email Viewed in Outlook Express. The email message contains embedded a Macromedia Shockwave presentation that contains animation and sound. Imagine sending something like this! (Click on image for enlarged view)