How To Create a Batch File

What is a batch file?

Batch files are special files that allow you to run programs, such as NetMailBot, from the DOS command line. Batch files are useful for storing sets of commands that are always executed together because you can simply enter the name of the batch file instead of entering each command individually.

In DOS, batch files end with a .BAT extension.


How to make a batch file to use with NetMailBot

  1. Open Windows Notepad
  2. Type NetMailBot.exe and any additional parameters you wish to use. For example:
    NetMailBot.exe -to -from -subject "subject" -server
  3. Save the file in the directory where you installed NetMailBot and name it filename.bat. NOTE: Make sure you change the file type to "All files" on the dropdown directly below the edit box where you enter the filename:

How to use a batch file with NetMailBot

There are two different ways to run a batch file:
  1. Open My Computer, navigate to the folder where the batch file was saved, then double-click the batch file to execute it.
  2. Open an MS-DOS prompt and change your directory to the NetMailBot directory or the directory where your batch file was saved. Type in the name of the batch file and press the "Enter/Return" key: