Send an HTML email with embedded images from your hard drive

This example demonstrates how to send an HTML email with embedded images from your hard drive.
  • Requirements
    • Working knowledge of creating and editing an HTML page.
    • Working knowledge of creating and editing a batch file.

  • Example Download
    A working example can be downloaded, so that you can follow along with the example:
     Click Here ( 14KB)
    The downloadable example is a zip file that contains three files:
    • page.html - The HTML page that will be the email message body
    • exlamationsoft_logo.gif - The image that will be embedded in the email message.
    • send_email.bat - The batch file that will instruct NetMailBot to send the email message.

    Instructions for Download and Installation

    • Download the example zip file and save it to your hard drive
    • Create a directory on your C drive named "tmp"
    • Unzip all of the files in the example zip file into the newly created directory c:\tmp.

  • Steps
    1. Create your HTML page with the images you wish to include in your email. Open and refer to page.html
    2. Save your page and images all in the same directory. In this example, all of the files should be saved in the c:\tmp directory.
    3. The images should reference the image name and directory name. Open page.html and note that the image exclamationsoft_logo.gif is referenced as:
      <IMG src="c:\tmp\exclamationsoft_logo.gif">
      The images must include path information, e.g c:\tmp\exclamationsoft_logo.gif.
    4. Open Notepad and edit the batch file send_email.bat. Change the values of the parameters -to, -from, and -server to your own email address and your mail server.
    5. Execute the batch file by double-clicking it in "My Computer".