Watch a Directory ZIP attachments and Delete Files After Sending

This example demonstrates how to use the watch directory features of NetMailBot. Specifically, a directory is watched for new files, when new files are found, they ZIP compressed then sent to the recipient as an one email attachment. After the email is sent, the files in the directory being watched are deleted. NOTE: You should change the email addresses in the downloadable batch file to your own email address(es) before running a test.
  • Requirements
    • Working knowledge of creating and editing a batch file.

  • Example Download
    A working example can be downloaded, so that you can follow along with the example:
     Click Here ( 1KB)
    The downloadable example is a zip file that contains 4 files:
    • watch_zip.bat - The batch file that will instruct NetMailBot to send the email message.
    • attach1.txt - A file to attach
    • attach2.txt - A file to attach
    • attach3.txt - A file to attach

    Instructions for Download and Installation

    • Download the example zip file and save it to your hard drive
    • Create a directory on your C drive named "tmp"
    • Unzip all of the files in the example zip file into the newly created directory c:\tmp. Ensure that the attach*.txt files are all in the directory c:\tmp\watch. If they are not, create a text file with Notepad and save it in that directory.

  • Steps
    1. Open Notepad and edit the batch file watch_zip.bat.

      Some important parameters used in the batch file

      • Change the parameters: -to -from to your own email address.
      • Change the parameter: -server localhost to your own mail server
      • The parameter -watchdir "c:\tmp\watchdir" instructs NetMailBot to watch the directory "c:\tmp\watchdir" for files to send as attachments to the -to email address.
      • The parameter -watchdelete instructs NetMailBot to delete the files in the directory "c:\tmp\watchdir" after the email is sent.
      • The parameter -zip instructs NetMailBot to ZIP compress all of the attachments into one ZIP file and send it as the attachment.
    2. Execute the batch file by double-clicking it in "My Computer".
    3. Go to the directory "c:\tmp\watchdir" to ensure the files have been deleted.
    4. Close the DOS command window by clicking on the Close button or by pressing CTRL-C.
    5. Check your email account Inbox for an email containing a single attachment named "".