System Temporary Directory

The System Temporary Directory, is a location on a Windows System's hard drive where temporary files are created and used with the intention that the files can be deleted at any time after they have been used.

NetMailBot uses this directory to store temporary files when a) Downloading a web page and its images to send as an email message, and b) when downloading messages from a POP3 email server.

  • How to find the System Temporary Directory


    1. Click on the "Start" button.
    2. Select "Run"
    3. Type %TEMP%
    4. A new window should open and display the contents of your System Temporary Directory.


    1. Open a DOS Command Window.
    2. Type "echo %TEMP%"
    3. To change to the system temporary directory, type "cd %TEMP%". If your system has multiple hard drives or partitions, you may need to change the drive letter to the drive that the temporary directory is on. For example, to change to the "C" drive type "c:"