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Release - Date Description
5.0.2 - January 8, 2010
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdeleteexistingattachment (-pdea) to delete a file attachment with the same name if it exists so that the new attachment can be saved.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchfilenameissubjectnoext (-wfisne) excludes the file extension when the filename is the subject. Used in conjunction with -watchfilenameissubject (-wfis).
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -subjectmaxlength (-sjml) to specify the maximum number of characters that the subject should contain. Useful for auto-generated subjects that need to be limited in length.
  • Enhancement: Base64 decoding of text and html message parts now supported.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -greetinglinecount (-glc) - Number of greeting lines (220) to expect from the mail server
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -attachmentpattern (-atp) - Added a new parameter to specify special folders for attachments. The first folder specified will be the primary folder with files used for search. For each file found, subsequent folders specified will be search for the same root filename. If a file in the primary folder does not have a match, it will be skipped. If a file in the primary folder does have a match, it will be attached to an email that will be sent.
  • Bug Fix: -dbupdatequery not executing query.
  • Bug Fix: Attachments with content-transfer-encoding of type quoted-printable are now properly handled when the beginning of each line in the raw message starts with a double period "..".
  • Bug Fix: Attachment filenames without enclosing quotes now handled.
  • Bug Fix: Embedding of images on local hard drive will now properly embed.
5.0.1 - June 7, 2005
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -attachmentfilenamechange (-afc). NetMailBot will search the attachment filename for the specified string, and replace it. For example ".com=.txt" will replace an attachment containing the string ".com" with the string ".txt". This new parameter is most useful with the current parameter -watchfilenameisto.
  • Enhancement: Dynamically loaded message bodies can now be personalized: If you specify -bodyfile "$filename$", the dynamically loaded file can also contain replacement tags.
  • Bug Fix: Added support for multipart/mixed messages containing only attachments from PowerDynamo SMTP
  • Bug Fix: -watchone attaching the same file repeatedly.
  • Bug Fix: Parsing of attachment file name failed with certain mailers.
  • Change: Receiving email: raw output file of downloaded messages is only created when -debug is specified.
5.0 - February 21, 2005
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -failnoattach (-fna). When specified, NetMailBot will fail and stop processing if an attachment specified with -attachment does not exist.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -attachsubfolders (-asf) Causes files within sub-folders to be included. This affects parameters -attachmentdir and other dynamic attachments.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -dbconstants (-dbc) Acts much like -dbreplacementids except the defined tokens are replaced by the constants specified.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -dbupdatequery (-dbuq) Performs a database query after an email is sent in non-TEST mode. The query itself can contain database replacement ids as specified in -dbreplacementids.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popforwardoriginator (-popfo) Adds to the subject "Originated from: {from email address} Subject: {original subject}"
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popforwardfromoriginator (-popfr) which will use as the -from email address the original "to" email address in the received email.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdirectoryattachment (-pda). When specified, received attachments are stored in the specified directory.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdirectoryheader (-pdh). When specified, received message headers are stored in the specified directory.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdirectorymessage (-pdm). When specified, received messages are stored in the specified directory.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdirectorysubfrom (-psdf). When specified, the -popdirectory for received messages is appended with the "from" email address. For example, if -popdirectory is "c:\temp\pop", then for each message received, a sub directory is created with the email address to store messages in, e.g. "c:\temp\pop\"
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -popdirectorysubto (-psdt). When specified, the -popdirectory for received messages is appended with the "to" email address. For example, if -popdirectory is "c:\temp\pop", then for each message received, a sub directory is created with the email address to store messages in, e.g. "c:\temp\pop\"
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchfilenameisto (-wfit). Switch used with -watchdir where the filename found becomes the "to" email address, format: (no extension, e.g. .txt, .doc, etc.).
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchfilenameisbody (-wfib). Switch used with -watchdir where the file found becomes the body of the email message.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchfilenameissubject (-wfis). When in watch mode, the subject is appended with the name of the file.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchone (-wo). When in watch mode, each file found is sent in a separate email.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -findmailserver (-fms). When specified with an email address, NetMailBot will look-up and display corresponding mail servers.
  • Enhancement: Added return code: FAILED_FIND_SERVER which is returned when -findserver fails.
  • Enhancement: -filemask can now handle multiple wildcards, e.g. SYS*.TXT, OS*.TXT. Separate multiple wild cards with a comma (,).
  • Enhancement: Images specified with the "background" attribute of the <body> and <table> can now be embedded.
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4.1.2 - January 6, 2005
  • Change: -chars (-cpl) now affects an HTML message body as well as a PLAIN text body.
  • Bug Fix: When doing replacements for a mail merge, if the returned field from a row is empty (blank), the replacement is made anyway. The previous behavior was to not do the replacement.
Release - Date Description
4.1.1 - December 6, 2004
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter: Return-Path: sets the email address the mail server should send returned (bounced) email to.
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter: Reply-To: sets the email address an email recipient should reply to.
  • Bug Fix: General timeout not properly being set for receiving POP3 messages.
  • Bug Fix: Forwarding more than one email message at one time can duplicate to, cc, and bcc email addresses.
  • Bug Fix: Correct bare LF issue: Removing bare LFs from message body loaded from a web page that contains bare LFs.
4.1 - September 11, 2004
  • Enhancement: New and improved documentation in HTML Help and PDF format.
  • Bug Fix: Removed extra space from the "RCPT TO:" SMTP command which caused some junk mail filters to flag emails from NetMailBot as potential SPAM.
4.0.8 - August 11, 2004
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug that prevented -watchmoveto from moving files from the source to the destination directories..
  • Bug Fix: Changed parameter -delimeter to the correct spelling -delimiter.
  • Change: If -chars is specified with 0 (-chars 0), text is not wrapped in message parts.
4.0.7 - July 1, 2004
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug that prevented plain text message bodies from forwarding.
4.0.6 - June 15, 2004
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with parsing messages that are not multipart, including messages that do not contain "Content-type" in the message header.
  • Bug Fix: Message end boundary added to messages with text and html message parts (no attachments). This bug was introduced in a previous version.
  • Bug Fix: If using quiet mode (-q) the header, footer, and help and all other text is not shown, regardless if it is the Pro or Trial version.
  • Bug Fix: When using -cclist or -bcclist, emails are addressed multiple times.
  • Bug Fix: Using -watchmoveto will first attempt to delete a file with the same name in the move-to directory before moving the file. Corrects a problem where the file is not moved from the watch directory to the move-to directory.
4.0.5 - April 26, 2004
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -loadurl. When specified, no other parameters are required and the url specified will be loaded.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected problem with parsing and saving attachments (when downloading email) from emails generated by Outlook.
4.0.4 - March 12, 2004
  • Bug Fix: If using a list of to addresses, CC and BCC addresses added are ignored. Corrected problem. You can now add email addresses with -cc and -bcc; and, additionally email addresses can be added with -cclist and -bcclist. If specifying -ccfriendly, it will only be added to the first email address specified with either -cc or -cclist, but not the the remaining email addresses on the list.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -chars (-cpl) which sets the number of characters per line for a plain text message part. The default is 72. Set this number to a value higher than 72 if lines are wrapping in the email client.
4.0.3 - February 17, 2004
  • Bug Fix: Using the -embed parameter, changes a URL specified with -bodyfile to all uppercase, causing some web servers to return a 404 due to case sensitivity.
  • Bug Fix: When sending an HTML email, with embedded images and an attachment, an extra MIME boundary was being added which caused the attachment to not show up when received and viewed in the email client.
  • Enhancement: Save all unrecognized message parts as an attachment.
  • Change: HTML used for the message body have image names with a full path name, e.g. <img src="c:\images\image.gif"> and not <img src="image.gif">
4.0.2 - December 8, 2003
  • Bug Fix: -bcc parameter was addressing the recipients as "cc" and not "bcc". Corrected.
4.0.1 - November 21, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Downloading of multipart messages with a text and html message body were not being saved as text_plain[message number].txt and text_html[message number].html. Instead they were only being saved as text_plain.txt and text_html.html. This has been fixed.
  • Change: Changed the structure of multipart-MIME messages for better compatibility with some mail servers.
4.0 - October 23, 2003
  • Enhancement: Added ability to receive email from a POP3 mail server. New parameters include:
    • -receive: Instructs NetMailBot to receive.
    • -popuser: Specifies the email account user name.
    • -poppassword: Specifies the email account user password.
    • -popserver: The name of the POP3 email server.
    • -popstatistics: Retrieves the number of messages and the total number of bytes the email messages are using for the specified email account.
    • -popreceive: Specifies a message to retrieve. Each part of the email message, body and attachments, are saved to the hard drive. Specify a message number after this parameter for a single message. If you do not specifiy a message number, all messages will be retrieved.
    • -popheader: Specifies a header to retrieve. Specify a message number after this parameter for a single header. If you do not specifiy a message number, all messages will be retrieved.
    • -popdelete: Specifies a message to delete. Specify a message number after this parameter to delete a single message. If you do not specifiy a message number, all messages will be deleted.
    • -popdirectory: Specifies the directory name to save retrieved attachments, email message bodies, and other MIME parts. If not specified, then a directory named \"pop\" is created and used under the system temporary directory.
    • -popcleanup: Switch used to force all files in the -popdirectory to be deleted before processing. This is useful to keep the -popdirectory from growing too large.
    • -popforward: Switch used to forward email to one or more email addresses. Can be used in combination with any of the other parameters that normally send email.
    • -popwatch: Switch used to monitor an email account and perform specific actions indefinitely.
    • -popwatchexit: Specifies that NetMailBot should exit a watch, after retrieving at least one email message.
    • -popwatchwait: Specifies the number of milliseconds to wait between monitoring an email account for new messages.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -nolog to prevent a log file from being created.
  • Enhancement: NetMailBot now includes a helper application for running as a Windows Service
  • Enhancement: Added new parameters for dynamic attachments, including directory watch features:
    • -filedatebefore: Only attach files if date is before specified date.
    • -filedateafter: Only attach files if date is after specified date.
    • -filedateis: Only attach files if date is the specified date
    • -filesizelessthan: Only attach files if size is less than number in bytes specified.
    • -filesizegreaterthan: Only attach files if size is greater than number in bytes specified.
    • -filesizeequal: Only attach files if size is equal to the number in bytes specified.
  • Enhancement: Parameters -to, -cc, and -bcc now accepts multiple email addresses on the command line separated by a single space. For example: -to
3.0.4 - October 15, 2003
  • Enhancement: Added a unique message id for each message sent to prevent mail filtering software, such as Declude, from flagging NetMailBot generated email as SPAM.
  • Bug Fix: Changed sub-headers for embedded images to more tightly conform to the RFCs. Without this fix, Eudora would show the embedded image headers as part of the message body.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected resource leak with HTML email embedded images that occurs when sending more than 100 messages.
3.0.3 - June 24, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Corrected problem with quoted-printable encoding of HTML message bodies.
3.0.2 - June 13, 2003
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -config: Specifies a configuration file to load commonly used parameters from. NetMailBot will load parameters from the command line/batch file first, then load parameters from the configuration file. Parameters in the configuration file do not override, but add-to the parameters specified on the command line or in a batch file. As with batch files, all parameters cannot be separated by a carraige return.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -sendwait: Sets the number of milliseconds to wait after sending a message. Useful for some mail servers that prevent message sending from causing an overload
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -reconnectaftersend: Specifies that after sending a message to disconnect then reconnect.
  • Enhancement: -zip parameter now works with dynamically added attachments, even when using mail merge.
  • Enhancement: Mail Merge feature can now handle dynamic attachments with wildcards, e.g. c:\temp\*.txt or c:\documents\*.*
  • Enhancement: Increased performance: using a new encoding scheme that increases performance by up to 50%.
  • Enhancement: HTML message parts are now encoded quoted-printable.
  • Enhancement: Abbreviated parameters/switches. Almost all parameters and switches now have abbreviations. Check the online Parameter guide for more details.
  • Enhancement: -attachment can now handle multiple filenames to attach - separate each filename with a space. Example: -attachment file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt...
  • Bug Fix: Changed content type for PDF files from application/octet-stream to application/pdf. Some email readers specifically recognize this content type.
3.0.1 - May 20, 2003
  • Bug Fix: If specifying -watchdir and -tolist (or any multiple recipients), the list of recipients is cleared and subsequent sends have no recipients. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: If sending without the -failsafe parameter, two 'DATA' commands are sent, which can cause some mail servers to reject a message and close the connection. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent error when pressing Ctrl-C during operation.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected order of multipart/alternative messages to display in order of richness as described in RFC 1521
  • Bug Fix: Changed .jpg attachments to be of content type image/jpeg and not image/jpg
  • Bug Fix: Changed from using content type of multipart/mixed to multipart/related to better support embedded images in HTML formatted emails.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter -dbusecolumnindex. Specifies that a column index is used in place of a column name, e.g., -dbreplacementids "<<first_name>>=2,<<last_name>>=1,<<company>>=3". Applies to -dbreplacementids and -dbemailcolumn
  • Enhancement: -debug mode will now log the message body whether or not specifying -test. Previously if using -test and -debug, the message body was never logged. This has been enhanced so that it is easier to test using the mail merge features.
3.0 - April 10, 2003
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -attachmentdir: Specifies a directory to add attachments from. Use with -zip to compress files into one zip file and attach. Use with -filemask to specify only certain files, e.g. "*.txt"
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -filemask: Specifies a file mask. By default, the mask is *.* - all files.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchdir: Specifies a directory to watch for files to send as attachments. NetMailBot will continuously monitor the directory and until the key combination CTRL-C is pressed. Requires -watchmoveto or -watchdelete parameter to be specified.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchdelete: Switch used with -watchdir parameter that specifies that files should be deleted after they are sent.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchexit: Switch used with -watchdir to exit after files are sent after attaching files in the watch directory.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchmoveto: Switch used with -watchdir to exit after files are sent after attaching files in the watch directory.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -watchwait: Specifies the number of milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) to wait between checking the watch directory for new files to send.
  • Enhancement: Added parameter: -zip - Switch/Parameter used to compress all attachments into a single zip file as a single attachment. Specify a filename after this parameter to name the attachment; otherwise, "" is used.Works with -watchdir parameters, -attachment, -attachmentdir, and -attachmentlist. This feature is not available to attachments added through mail merge.
  • Enhancement: New mail merge field: -attachment. Specify a replacement id after the -attachment parameter (-attachment "<>") when using mail merge to dynamically attach files from a database.
2.3.6 - April 2, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Correct resource leak when sending that only appears when sending to large lists.
  • Bug Fix: Correct endless loop that would occur if using failsafe feature and restricting the recipient limit to 1 - which is automatic if using mail merge features.
  • Bug Fix: If a line in the message body begins with a period ".", it is now "encoded" with an extra period so that mail readers can decode it properly.
2.3.5 - February 24, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Added more logic to email address verification to handle responses not expected from some mail servers.
  • Bug Fix: Correct date/time in mail message header to show a "+" sign for the number of hours of departure from GMT time, e.g. "+0500"
  • Bug Fix: Removed extra line at the top of plain text email message bodies.
2.3.4a - February 12, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem, introduced with version 2.3.4, for email address verification that prevented some email addresses from being verified properly.
2.3.4 - February 7, 2003
  • Bug Fix: Fixed timing issue with some mail servers that would cause NetMailBot and the mail server to get out of sync, which eventually causes an unexpected disconnection.
  • Bug Fix: If message contains: html body, plain text alternate body, and an attachment, the attachment would not appear correctly in some email readers, e.g. Outlook, but would appear in others, e.g. Outlook Express.
  • Bug Fix: Preview mode was returning an error. It no longer returns an error.
  • Bug Fix: Preview mode does not require -to, -from, or -server parameters. It does require the -bodyfile parameter.
  • Change: Message "recipient limit set" even if this parameter is not specified. Also removed other messages that state certain parameters are "set"
2.3.3 - November 17, 2002
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter: -customheader. Allows the adding of a string to the header of the email. For example, you can specify "Reply-To:;". Separate multiple lines with a semicolon.
  • Bug Fix: If using a stored procedure with the -dbquery parameter, -personalize, and -dbuseaddressee is set to "to", the -to address is not ignored as it should be. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: HTML emails that contain https:// links were being improperly changed so that the links did not work. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Email address verification was incorrectly reporting some email addresses to be good. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected problem with authentication incorrectly reporting success.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected problem when connecting to mail server such as Groupwise. If the mail server does not understand EHLO command, then HELO command is used.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected ordering of text based MIME parts so that the plain/text comes before html/text MIME parts. This corrects the issue with browser based email that strictly conforms to the RFCs.
2.3.2 - July 23, 2002
  • Bug Fix: Corrected bug that caused -fromfriendly to not work and message sending to fail.
2.3.1 - July 3, 2002
  • Enhancements:
    1. Added parameter "-failsafe". When parameter is specified, NetMailBot will re-establish a connection to the mail server if it is disconnected while sending a message.
    2. Added Alternate Body and CC Friendly to list of fields that can be personalized.
  • Bug Fix: Changed mail headers so that "boundary" is only included if the content-type is multipart/*. This helps some mail readers that do not ignore boundary for text/* content-types.
2.3 - May 10, 2002
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to verify only one email address with corresponding return codes:
    GOOD - 16
    BAD - 17
    SUSPECT - 18
    If verifying multiple email addresses, NetMailBot will still return SUCCESS even though some email addresses may have failed. Check the good/bad/suspect email files. Example: netmailbot -verify
  • Enhancement: Verification no longer requires any parameters other than the -verify and email address or the use of the -dsn parameters or the -tolist parameter. There are no "QUICK" or "EXTENSIVE" modes. If not verifying one email address, an extensive check is performed of all the email addresses.
  • Enhancement: Only -from parameter is required instead of -from, -subject, -to, -server
  • Enhancement: -logsuspectemail. Added a "suspect" email file for email addresses that cannot be verified because the mail server for that email address would not allow verification.
  • Enhancement: -appendsuspect. Specify this switch to append to the suspect email file. By default, the suspect email log file is re-created each time NetMailBot is executed.
  • Enhancement: -dbquery. Added the dbquery option for the ability to specify the query to run against the database when using the database commands. Requires: -dsn, -dbemailcolumn.
  • Enhancement: -rulesfilename. This parameter has been removed.
  • Enhancement: -htmlbody. The message body explicitly contains html tags and formatting.
  • Enhancement: -from. (Optional) Used when verifying one email address. When verifying email addresses, some mail servers require a FROM address to know who is asking for verification. If not specified, the email address being verified is used as the from address.
  • Enhancement: -dnsservers. (Optional) Specifies one or more DNS servers used for email address verification. Seperate multiple server addresses with a comma. If this property is not specified, then NetMailBot will search the registry for addresses.
  • Bug Fix: While addressing a message the "MAIL FROM" in the header of the message did not have the characters <> around the email address when an at symbol(@) is present. This is important for servers that allow profiles, e.g. Lotus Notes and Exchange. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: CC friendly names added a space in front of the friendly name. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In the message header, the time zone for the date was in the long format, e.g. Eastern Time Zone. Some mail servers, such as MS Exchange would incorrectly parse this and show the sent time incorrectly. The time zone has been changed to reflex the number of departure hours. For example, the Eastern Time Zone in the United States is -0500 from GMT time ( 0000 ).
2.2.2 - July 10, 2001
  • Bug Fix: Friendly names are not included if they are blank. Blank friendly names were being inserted which does not follow the standard.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected error when using DSN and DBuseaddressee is "to", could not specify recipient limit of 1.
  • Enhancement: -connectiontimeout - set the connection timeout in milliseconds.
  • Enhancement: -generaltimeout - set the gereral timeout in milliseconds.
  • Bug Fix: Friendly names are now surrounded in quotes.
  • Bug Fix: The content type for html emails was not being properly set. Fixed.
  • Enhancement: -mimetype override the mimetype of the body.
  • Enhancement: Authentication is referred to as Authorization.
  • Bug Fix: Advertisement was growing with each send session.
  • Enhancement: Changed delay time from 7.5 seconds to 3.
  • Enhancement: -nofixhtml - prevents a bodyfile with html from being "fixed".
  • Change: -tofriendly is handled differently when addressing the message. The friendly name is only specified in the actual header of the email message and not as part of the send/receive dialog with the mail server. This will solve a problem with some SMTP servers.
  • Enhancement: The next three enhancments allow db connectivity without a tabledef.ini file.
  • Enhancement: -dbtable - Sets the name of the database table to query when using -dsn
  • Enhancement: -dbemailcolumn = Sets the name of the column name in the table specified with -dbtable, that contains the email address
  • Enhancement: -dbreplacementids = Specifies replacement identifiers used with -personalize
  • Enhancement: -dbuseaddressee = Specifies which addressee should be used. Valid addressees are: to, cc, and bcc.
  • Enhancement: -personalize will do replacements when specifying -cclist or -bcclist. Previously, only -tolist was replaced.