Alert a System Administrator to Important Events
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NetMailBot can be a great helper to System Administrators needing to keep an eye on important events within their IT infrastructure.


For example, NetMailBot's directory watching function can be used to monitor a directory for a log file of a certain size. When the log file gets "too big", it matches NetMailBot's watch settings (e.g. watch for *.log files that are greater than 1MB large). NetMailBot then emails the file as an attachment to the administrator and moves (or deletes, depending on the setting) the original file.


An administrator could also set up NetMailBot to send him- or herself a daily security report generated by the system (as before, these could be web server logs, firewall logs, etc. - just set up all of the applications to dump  their ".log" files into the same directory and set up NetMailBot to watch for these). Or, the POP3 receiving functionality could be used to retrieve help requests from users. In general, NetMailBot can be used in many "event driven" ways to respond to changes of importance within your IT infrastructure.