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Deliver and Receive Email with Ease

Numerous NetMailBot features lighten the workload on you. And, NetMailBot is easy to install. Complete documentation is online and included in the installation package, with examples that are easy to follow and get you up and running in no time.


Schedule and Automate Sending 


NetMailBot automates many tasks involved in sending emails via your SMTP server:


Download Email, Forwarding, and Auto-Reply


NetMailBot easily handles the receiving end of automated email communications as well:



Create rich message formatting


NetMailBot gives you control over the type and appearance of your email message bodies:



Click here for examples.


Easier campaign administration


Sending mass email campaigns to keep your customers informed?



Improve performance


NetMailBot is written in high performance C++ and has been optimized for speed. Integrated database functionality delivers faster results than using ADO for VB or ASP. See our FAQs for some information on typical performance when sending tens of thousands of personalized emails at a time.