Contents of the NMBService.ini File
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NetMailBot instances running under a Windows service are configured with a file called NMBService.ini. Here are the details on the format of this file. The program NMBService.exe is the actual service program that keeps track of some number of NetMailBot.exe processes as configured by you in the NMBService.ini file.


The file is divided into a Setting section and one or more Process sections. Each section starts with the appropriate section heading and each contains the appropriate settings. The headings and settings are described in the table below. See the examples in this section of the manual for actual examples of NMBService.ini files.


This table describes the headings and settings used in the NMBService.ini file. The values given are examples; you can set them to whatever values you prefer.


Heading or Setting Name



Section heading. Required.

ServiceName = NMBService

The name of the service as it will appear under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

ProcCount = 1

The number of [Process#] sections below. For each additional [Process#] section that is added, this number must be incremented.

CheckProcess = 60

The number of seconds that specify the frequency which the NMBService process will check the processes below to ensure they are running/responding.


Section heading. Required. Each process section represents a batch file or NetMailBot command with parameters to run. If adding a new process, increase the number by one. For example, to add a new process after the [Process0] section, add a section named [Process1].

CommandLine = <cmd line>

The program/executable/batch file to run with or without parameters. This looks just like a "typical" NetMailBot command line invocation that you would store in a .bat file or run directly at the DOS prompt, e.g.:


C:\Program Files\NetMailBot\netmailbot -receive -popforward -popreceive 1 -popserver localhost -popuser -poppassword secret -to -from -server localhost

WorkingDir = <dir>

The working directory for the program/executable/batch file where supporting files may be located. For example:


C:\Program Files\NetMailBot

PauseStart = 0

Number of milliseconds to pause before starting the process when the service is started.

PauseEnd = 3000

Number of milliseconds to wait when the service stop request is made. This allows the process time to exit gracefully before the service is stopped and the child processes terminated.

UserInterface = No

Specifies whether to show or hide any type of GUI including a DOS command prompt. Values: Yes/No

Restart = No

Specifies whether to restart the process if it stops or exits for any reason. Values: Yes/No.