How to Set Up a DSN
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This topic discusses how to set up a DSN (ODBC Data Source Name) for a Microsoft Access database connection. DSNs for other databases will be similar. See the link at the bottom of this page for a resource enumerating DSNs for several popular database types.


NOTE: The screenshots may look somewhat different depending on your particular version of Windows.


  1. Open the Control Panel:



  1. Next, add a user DSN by clicking on he Add button on the screen below:



  1. After clicking the Add button, you will see the following screen:



Select "Microsoft Access Driver", then click the Finish button. 


  1. The following screen will appear:


Enter a name in the field "Data Source Name". For example, you can name it MyDatabase.


  1. Click on the button "Select" to choose an Access database. The "Select database"dialog will appear:


Click the OK button after you have selected the Access database.


  1. Click the OK button to close the "ODBC Microsoft Access Database" dialog. You should now see the MyDatabase in the alphabetical list of DSNs:



  1. You are finished! 


See for some example DSNs for popular databases.