Introduction: Retrieving Emails
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The NetMailBot Command Line


 Recall that you will need at minimum four things to retrieve email:



In a DOS Command Window, type the following, filling in your particular details for the placeholders below: 


NetMailBot -receive -popreceive 1 -popuser {your email address here} -poppassword {your account password here} -popserver {your POP3 server name here} (Press Enter)


This is the simplest invocation of NetMailBot mail reception possible - the first email in your Inbox will be retrieved and its parts saved to your System Temporary Directory. In this example we are not using a batch file, just a straight command line invocation.


The Results


Once you type the above and press the Enter key, you will see something similar to to the following: 


Connecting to


Receiving Message 1...

Message 1 Received and Saved


Subject:          test message

Message-Id:       <000c01c4662b$1b485a90$64dfa8c0@mypc>

# of attachments: 0





-------***[ NetMailBot Ended: 07/09/2004 23:17:04]***-------


If you see the text "Message 1 Received and Saved", then you have successfully retrieved the first email in your Inbox.


For a simple email (this one was sent from Microsoft Outlook Express):


From:    Suzie Q

Date:    Friday, July 09, 2004 11:07 PM

To:      Joe Blow

Subject: test message


test body


The System Temporary Directory will contain two files:





Each simply contains the body of the message, in this case, "test body" (the HTML file is this text wrapped in minimal HTML tags).


If you do not see the success message, check the error message that NetMailBot displayed. 



If you are still having problems, contact ExclamationSoft support for assistance.