Introduction: Running NetMailBot as a Service
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Allowing NetMailBot to Automatically Execute via a Background (Service) Process


Running NetMailBot as a Windows service allows one or more NetMailBot batch files to run in the background without user intervention. In this situation NetMailBot is immediately running when the computer starts and does not require that a user log in (Windows NT/2000/2003/XP) and manually launch a batch file from either the command line or a .bat file icon. An additional benefit is that there is no window in which a background process runs - it is completely hidden from view. Thus, running NetMailBot as a Windows Service provides a lower level of "set and forget" automation.


The service "NMBService.exe" is a small program that coordinates the execution of one or more batch files. It's job is to launch all of the specified processes (NetMailBot batch files in our case) when it is started. Any Windows Service including NMBService.exe can be configured to start manually or automatically (when Windows starts). See the Services icon in your WIndows Control Panel or System Tools folder.