Plain Text Message
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This example demonstrates how to send a single email with a plain text message body.


Prepared Example Files



The archive contains one file:



Batch File Contents


This is the content of the batch file:


netmailbot.exe -to -from -logfile "c:\tmp\log.txt" -server localhost -subject "Plain Text Message" -body "This is a plain text message sent with NetMailBot"




  1. Unzip the file. This will produce a directory called "PlainTextMessage". Open this directory.
  2. Open Notepad and edit the batch file "PlainTextMessage.bat". Change the values of the parameters -to, -from, and -server to your own email address and your mail server. 
  3. Invoke the batch file by double-clicking the icon or straight from the command line.
  4. NetMailbot should start up and, upon finishing, the email address specified with the -to parameter should receive a single email.