Send Business Documents Around Your Company
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Anyone working in today's office environment is no stranger to paperwork, despite promises of the "paperless office". Many functions require varied forms to be filled out, procedures to be followed, etc. Inevitably routines that were learned and practiced and accepted do change (and all too often more frequently than would seem reasonable). Thus, the need arises to keep everyone in the organization abreast of the continually new ways of doing things.


Usually, changes impact various subgroups in the organization - perhaps a new form only applies to HR staff, or a new procedure only affects how the Customer Support Representatives handle new customer issues. With NetMailBot and a database containing information about your company's organizational structure and functions, you can target these subgroups and keep "full mesh" (i.e. "CC: All") emails to a bare minimum.


It is good practice to send recipients a link to a new document instead of emailing a copy to everyone who must use it (why clog the mail server with numerous duplicates of the same thing?). NetMailBot's mail merge function can help; if the link information to each kind of document is part of the database information, the links can be customized on-the-fly for each email to any particular group.


By incorporating NetMailBot into a controlled regimen of organizational change management, you can automate these sorts of announcements. You can even use NetMailBot's POP3 reception functions to capture those unavoidable "Huh?" emails from employees that are perhaps a bit slow to change and forward them to the appropriate handler.