Send Scheduled Service Alerts to Car Owners
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It's common practice to sell additional services, such as scheduled maintenance plans, with new car purchases. Using NetMailBot and your customer database, you could automatically remind your customers when their vehicles are due for some tender loving care.


NetMailBot can of course retrieve the customers' email addresses from the database, but you could also fetch information on what kind of car each customer has, who their service technician is, and what service package level they are at and what the services in that particular package are. Often such plans are sold according to mileage, so there is a set of services to be performed at the 5000 mile mark, the 7000, 10,000, and 15,000 mile marks, etc. Some services, such as oil and filter changes, are common to all of the packages; others are more infrequent and apply as the vehicle ages. NetMailBot's mail merge features can create, on-the-fly, a personalized email to each customer, giving them a timely and friendly reminder with all the handy details.