Introduction: Sending Your First Email
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The NetMailBot Command Line


Recall that you will need at minimum three things to send an email:



In a DOS Command Window, type the following, filling in your particular details for the placeholders below: 


NetMailBot -to {your email address here} -from {your email address here}

-server {your SMTP server name here} (Press Enter)


This is the simplest invocation of NetMailBot possible - the email sent will have no subject nor any actual message body.


In this example we are not using a batch file, just a straight command line invocation.


The Results


Once you type the above and press the Enter key, you will see something similar to to the following: 


Connecting to

Preparing message

Adding TO(1):

Sending message

Sending Message: 100%



Mail sent successfully to 1 recipients


If you see the text "Mail sent successfully", then you have successfully sent an email to the email address you entered. 

If you do not see the success message, check the error message that NetMailBot displayed. 



If you are still having problems, contact ExclamationSoft support for assistance.