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The following examples demonstrate the power and flexibility of NetMailBot. If you are new to using DOS batch files, we recommend starting with Getting Started. If you are already familiar with using the DOS command line and writing batch files, start with SMTP Email Sending or POP3 Email Receiving.


Using these examples requires basic working knowledge of creating and editing DOS batch files. See the How to Create a DOS Batch File topic for a brief introduction, and see the More Information on DOS Batch Scripting topic for pointers to more information on DOS batch scripting.

In order to make use of the ZIP files containing the artifacts pertaining to each example, you will need a ZIP archive program to extract the contents to your local hard drive.

Parameters, Switches, and Options

In addition to these examples, our Parameters page includes in-depth information and small examples for each of the parameters that NetMailBot has to offer. 


See also the Reference section, which contains various topics, such as how to create a DSN.

Need a Specific Example?

If you don't see a specific example of what you are trying to accomplish, let us know and we'll be happy to either create an example for you or guide you through the process. Go to to contact a technical consultant.