Send Targeted Email Special Announcements
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Perhaps you are a software company running a seasonal special on one of your products and you have a set of potential customers that might just need that little extra incentive to go ahead and buy your product.


Or, your company is enjoying rapid but stable growth and you have just hired a new CEO. You want to tell market analysts, tradespeople, industry publication contacts, and any other applicable people in your relationship management database about the new leadership and your company's bright new direction.


NetMailBot's database connectivity can help greatly in automating the sending of different mass email campaigns to different target audiences. By making campaign differentiation part of your database, you can automate and control when each campaign goes out and to whom, including, of course, some sort of response codes in the campaign mails so that you can match responses to campaigns to determine which were the most effective. NetMailBot could even be part of your lead followup email efforts - after using the POP3 functions to download responses to your campaign, you could use some external processing to make sense of the campaign codes, update your database, and launch NetMailBot again to follow up on the hot leads.


Time zones could also be a factor controlling when your campaign mails go out. NetMailBot's ability to use the information in your database allows you great flexibility in automating these sorts of email campaigns.