-recipientlimit (-rl)
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Sets the number of recipients an outgoing message is sent to at one time. The default is 100, to which most SMTP servers set the limit.


For custom mass mailings to individuals: This option is particularly useful if you wish to send out a personalized, custom email to each person on your mailing list: by setting this parameter to 1, each individual will be the only addressee on the email.


For example, let's assume you have a database of 2000 emails. If you do not use -receiptlimit at all, and you do not use -dbuseaddressee or set it to "to", then the default value of 100 receipients will be used and what will actually be sent will be 20 emails, each to 100 of the email addresses in the database (the first email will be sent to the first 100, the second to the second 100, and so on).


If you set -receiptlimit to 1, however, then what will actually be sent will be 2000 emails, one to each address in the database. Each address will thus be the sole address in the "To:" field of the email it receives.


For the sake of completeness in this example, if you had 2050 email addresses in the database and used the first configuration discussed above, the twenty-first email would of course be sent to the last 50 addresses and 50 addresses would appear in that email's "To:" field.










Overridden By:




Other Parameters Required:


-to -from -server


See Also:


-tolist -dsn (-dbtable OR -dbquery-dbemailcolumn -dbreplacementids -dbuseaddressee -personalize




-receiptlimit <max number of recipients per email>


Example (cut-and-paste right into your batch file):


NetMailBot -recipientlimit 1 -to email@domain.com -from email@domain.com -server mail.domain.com -subject "Your Personal Report"